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Blue Jasmine Blue Jasmine PG-13
Close to 3 stars because of the great acting of Blanchett. Probably she wouldn´t have received the Oscar if she had done this movie any other year, but anyway, the acting is worth it.
The Great Beauty The Great Beauty Unrated
Very similar to "La dolce vita", but more concious of the mediocrity the character is sourrended around.

Millo's Favorite Movies

The Quiet American The Quiet American R
Philip Noyce takes magnifically this ambigous, moral-controverty story from Graham Greene, and takes all the atmosphere from Vietnam before the war was really serious. Reflects the way to do politics by certain nations, mixed with love and other more personal problems. Very modern and actual, important to reflect the world where we live, with a main character -fantastic Michael Caine- which is not a hero but someone who tries to survive and confront his curses and ghosts. Diferent sides, and sometimes people takes part. Very deep movie.
Million Dollar Baby Million Dollar Baby PG-13
'My father said I had a hard work to go into this world, and I'd have a hard one to get out from it'.

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