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The Tree of Life The Tree of Life PG-13
I've seen this film twice to date, and I'm still rendered incapable of articulating my response. It embodies everything that I want out of a film. Malick is a source of inspiration. Etc. Etc.
Buffalo '66 Buffalo '66 R
This is a movie that breaks so many rules, its reactions are naturally divisive. By asking his audience to follow a character who isn't easy to like or even tolerate, Gallo is doing a brave thing. Photographically speaking, the unconventional approach to the material will turn off traditional cinema purists too. On the other hand, I love this story, and I love this movie. I love the way the character arc doesn't plot out neatly, I love the bizarre composition and editing. Gallo's performance, both in front of and behind the camera, make this an essential indie classic.

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