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Hairspray Hairspray PG
I, In my life never seen anything so beautiful as this, Really enjoyed it.. The music is none-stop and the Dancing was like none stop too, this movie is actually made for Dance and the Songs really, Loved the 60s style and also the songs were actually amazing, The casting was awesome, this probably has the best casting then any other films i personally seen, sure is a great hit of all time... The changes are also nice, the ending was suprising and i liked it more, the original version is more serious towards the end, this one is just a laugh out loud, the music will just give you a smile and the dancing, wow, my favourite... John Travolta better then ever, i thought i was going to dislike him but i actually liked him and this is his best work by far.. The soundtrack and the film are my favourite of this yeah.. Just wished that 'come so far' song was on the movie though, loved it alot..
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire PG-13
A Movie to fall in love with, the book is my favourite one in the series and this movie just took the place for it as it really keeped my suspenced all way through... the actors were fabulous in this one and and they all really changed since we saw them on the third year, a brillaint well OSCAR deserving movie.. pure entertainment for everyone.. a classic story written by J.K.R and well script written, a totally 10/10.. i seen this movie so many times that i cant eveb remember how many.. i went to watch this twice on the cinema and i watched more then 10 times on DVD.. this movie keeps me in a good mood all time i watch it.. i totally adore it.. its just one movie that you would fall in love with and i think this movie deserve more then five star... it deserve OSCARS for best film, directing ETC.. i must say that Emma Watson was better in the first three movies but she also did well on this one..

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