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Live Free or Die Hard Live Free or Die Hard PG-13
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Officer John McClane (Bruce Willis) is back in this fast paced action packed adrenaline rushed fourth installment, Live Free or Die Hard. John is now a Detective with a daughter all grown up thats not too fond of him. One night, John gets assigned to pick up a computer hacker named Matthew Farrell, (Justin Long). As soon as John gets to Farrell, heavily armored bad guys tear Farrells place apart with huge amount of gunfire. John & Farrell barely escape. With Farrell's life on the line, John is trying to figure out why someone would want Farrell dead, Later on, John finds out that a psychotic mastermind named Thomas Gabriel, (Timothy Olyphant) is holding the world for ransom. As John gets closer & closer to Gabriel, things become more dangerous and personal for him. Live free or Die Hard is my favorite out of the Die Hard franchise. It is very entertaining filled with alot of high voltage action sequences that never let up. The action stunts were so real which made this movie even better to watch. My favorite sequence was when John McClane blew up a hellicopter with a car & he said he was out of bullets. That was the best memorable scene of the movie. Even though this one was PG-13, I still found it kinda of violent. You don't see blood when someone gets shot but it damn sure is intense. I don't see why everyone is complaining about the rating. I mean if all they want is McClane to say the F word every second, then sure. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed hearing this one was being toned down unlike the previous three at first. After I finished watching it, I realized the rating fit perfect. So with the PG-13 rating, that still doesn't make this one the least out of the franchise. I still think this was the best one where it had so much more exciting & thrilling moments. There will be some that won't buy the unbelievible script. It works for a film like this. It was still a hell lot of fun to watch. If yall say that the third Die Hard is better than this one only for the language, then you all are retarded. These movies were not made for the language. They were made specifically for the gritty action/violence. Overall, Live Free or Die Hard still continues to be my #1 film of all time. I recommend this one if your fan of the franchise or just if your all into action flicks. Bruce Willis does another outstanding job as our hero. I just love seeing him having fun with this character. When you think of John McClane, only one word comes to mind, badass! No other actor has talent like this guy does. Bruce was made for acting because he always makes his character's believible. He's great in everything that he's in which makes him a legend. Bruce still manages to b my #1 actor. Bruce is irreplaceable in that spot. Long live the great Bruce Willis. yippie kay yay! Timothy Olyphant was very dark & full of anger as Thomas Gabriel. I thought Gabriel was John McClane's worst nemesis so far. The fact that Gabriel had the guts to take John's daughter & tried to kill him. From seeing Timothy's performance in this movie, he is now officially one of my favorite actors. Timothy has the right stuff to play any character he wants. Hope to see him take on more evil roles in the future because I think thats what he's best at. What can I say about Justin Long, BRILLANT!!! Justin's acting ceases to improve everytime i see him star in a film. Justin almost stole his film by his intelligence. It was defenitly a shocker for me to see Justin take on a role of a computer hacker who has to have smarts into knowing what he's doing. He definitely pulled it off. Justin is a well gifted actor. I can't wait to see him take on more roles in the future. Justin is the most talented young adult actor yet! The young a sexy Mary Elizabeth Winstead who played John's daughter, Lucy. All I can say is she's on her way to a great career. Mary has a big future ahead of her. She also looks like she could pass for a model as one of the sexiest young actresses. Mary played her role very well & made an impact in this installment by portraying McClane's daughter. Maggie Q who was Olyphant's hot asian operator/assassin made her character believable enough. Maggie is the first asian actress that can actually act. I just loved watching her kick John's butt & listening to her sexy deep voice. Maggie should pass for a model too. Hope to see her in more films such as action like this one. Maggie is one my favorite actresses that has a bright future in the acting business. Hope she keeps up the good work showing her acting ability & her sexy self. Whoever hasn't seen this film yet, go out & grab yourself a copy either on DVD or Bluray. I would recommend it more on bluray with the high rating picture/audio it received. The only thing that sucks about the Unrated copy that its only fit for DVD. The Unrated one is the best because it has alot of scenes that wern't shown in the original. Trust me this movie is worth buying & adding to your collection. It's the best Die Hard yet and action film ever! John McClane: "Yippi-kay-ay, motherfu - " John McClane: I'm going to go kill this guy & get my daughter or go get my daughter & kill this guy, kill all of them. John McClane: Mai? Oh, yeah. Little Asian chick, likes to kick people? I don't think she's gonna be talkin' to anybody for a really long time. Last time I saw her she was at the bottom of a elevator shaft with an SUV rammed up her ass. John McClane: Yeah, you had to dispatch all units for all the naked people walkin' around? John McClane: I know I'm not as smart as you guys with all this computer shit. But, hey... I'm still alive, ain't I? I mean, you've *got* to be running out of bad guys by now, right? Huh? Gabriel? Honestly, you can tell me. I mean, how does that work? Got some kind of service or something? Some kind of 800 number? 1-800-HENCHMEN? Oh, you know what? I bet you're still on hold with, "Can I get another dead Asian hooker bitch over here right away?" John McClane: I could come and find you, kick your ass and throw you out of your own party. What do you think about that, dickhead? 5 stars
The Dark Knight The Dark Knight PG-13
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Batman/Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is back & better than ever in The Dark Knight. This time Batman has to face his true & worst enemy of all time, the Joker (Heath Ledger). Batman doesn't know what he's in for this time around. The Joker causes more chaos for Batman than any villain has before. The only way that the Joker will stop causing destruction for Gotham City is getting his hands on the mayor of Gotham City Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). Now, Batman has to do what he does best & that is using his high tech skills & gadgets to take down the Joker & sabotage his evil plan. The Dark Knight is truely an amazing picture. It was enjoyable & entertaining throughtout. It holds your attention till the very end. Everyone lights up on screen. My favorite Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, & Aaron Eckhart who did a super b job with their roles.
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Christian Bale was at the top of his game. He is the biggest A-list actor right now & seems to live on as one. Everytime he appears on screen I get so excited to see what he's made of. Christian still proves that he's one of the biggest actors in history that still lives on today.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic No words can descibe how amazing Heath Ledger was as the Joker. Heath was just out of this world showing us that he can be another person without showing his real face. I thought it was his best performance ever. He played the Joker full of laughs with powerful acting. I thought he stole the movie. I mean he's basically what everyone wanted to see this movie in the first place. Even though, I was never into watching Heath on screen this movie changed my mind on that. It was so sad of the tragic death about him but he will always be rememberd as one of the well gifted actors ever. Heath Ledger will never be forgotten. This movie just made him the biggest star of our time. Two very big thumbs up for him portraying as the Joker.
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Aaron Eckhart was the next best one out of the bunch. When he sets his mind on something, he shows the audience, exactly waht he can do with it. He's probably the few with talented acting skills thats come long way in our lifetime. Aaron was vicious criminal as Two-Face. Man, he looked so dark & played a good villian half of the time. Aaron needs to keep starring in more roles because I would like to see what he takes on next. Aaron's on his way to the top & beyond.
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Maggie Gyllenheal is the last that I thought stood out. Maggie has turned into a great actress & gorgeous woman throughout the years. She looks better & better as she's on screen. She sure knows how to turn someone on by her wonderful personality & beauty. Hope to see her take on more roles in the future. This film had plenty of action, drama, & flat out suspense which makes it worth watching over & over again, its that great yall. So who ever hasn't seen this movie, go & grab you a copy on DVD or Bluray. i'm sure yall all will have a great time watching just as I did. Its defenitly a masterpiece with great acting & writing. So see it & enjoy, you wont regret it. The Dark Knight is the best movie of 2008 & batman yet.. Harvey Dent: You either die a hero or live enough to see youeself become the villian. 5 stars

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