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Jaws Jaws PG
Arguably Spielberg?s best film. Peter Benchley?s bubblegum story makes a perfect film. A shark stakes out Amity Island as its feeding grounds and is practically served up a smorgasbord as the town?s people don?t want to compromise their business to get this killing machine. Spielberg may not have meant to make this film so suspenseful, by not showing the audience the shark until midway through, but it works perfectly for this film. John William?s score does an excellent job of adding to that suspense or maybe the score makes the suspense whatever the case it works perfectly. The greatest feature of this film is the great acting and chemistry between the leads, Richard Dreyfuss (Hooper), Roy Schneider (Chief Brody), and Robert Shaw (Quint). The constant bickering between them when they are cooped up on that boat together is great. The shark scenes are certainly great, but the complementary of this great cast is the factor that makes this film so excellent.
The Adventures of Robin Hood The Adventures of Robin Hood PG
From the opening music chords to the dashing swashbuckling finale, this film is the ultimate of that genre as well as Errol Flynn's crowning achievement. He makes Robin Hood a fun and jolly hero with honor and ever quality imaginable that a leader should possess. He may not be British, but he is close enough and has the right accent. Michael Curtiz, the man behind the other Errol Flynn films that made my list those being The Sea Hawk, and Captain Blood, directs this with a fun, but serious air although he can't take all the credit as William Keighley directed first off, but was replaced by Curtiz early in production. Erich Wolfgang Korngold composed a masterful score for this. I could go on, but I will suffice to say that this is a dashing film that stands as one of the best of the Action/Adventure genre.

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