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Hercules Hercules PG-13
Now this movie Hercules is a movie I was getting ready to hate on because to be honest it looked really stupid, plus it was directed by Brett Ratner. Surprisingly though, I didn't hate this movie as much as I thought I would, actually to be honest I didn't really hate this movie at all. Now don't get me wrong this movie isn't a great movie, it's actually pretty stupid at times, but the movie knows it's stupid, it's just a fun movie you can sit back and have fun with. Hercules is just a summer pop corn flick that's entertaining for a onetime watch. Brett Ratner is a very sloppy director and it really shows in this movie because this movie had horrible execution and bad camera angles. Now what made up for this movies bad direction were its visuals. The CG in this movie looked really good and the designs of some of the set pieces looked good too. The production design was well laid out and I can tell they actually put some effort into that. The action was another thing that made this movie fun. Were all the action scenes perfectly choreographed? No! Were all the fight scenes epic? No! But the movie was very adventurous and the fight scenes may have not as been as epic as other fight scenes in other action movies, but they still worked for this movie. Dwayne Johnson also looked like he was having fun in this movie, which was entertaining to watch. He wasn't top notch in this movie, but I thought he was fine and it was entertaining to see him play Hercules. The supporting cast was even fine, like Ian McShane, John Hurt and Rufus Sewell were all decent in their roles. I think the best way to go into this movie is to go in it with low expectations because if you think the movie will be shit, the movie might surprise you, but if you think this movie is going to be the next 300, then you might be disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie because I was expecting to hate it, but I actually ended up having fun with it. Like I said the movie is pretty stupid and it's really badly directed, but it's still a fun pop corn flick. Some people will definitely not get into it, but at least everyone can admit that this movie was way better than The Legend of Hercules because that was absolute shit. So if you like fun pop corn action movies, then check out this movie, but if not you can skip it.
Sex Tape Sex Tape R
The movie Sex Tape looked like a terrible comedic film and I was expecting a terrible comedic film when I went and saw it, but after I was done watching the movie I realized this movie isn't just a terrible comedy, it's a really stupid and contrived comedy. I thought after the movie Tammy this year was done with its shitty raunchy comedies, but apparently not. Sex Tape, a movie that's about a couple who wants to spice up their marriage and they way they do that is by filming each other while having sex. Now when they make their sex tape they accidently send it to every person they know, so in a panic the couple tries to find out where every copy of their tape went so they can find it and destroy it so nobody can watch it. This movie is basically like Road Trip meets Bad Teacher and since I'm not a fan of either of those films I knew already this movie would suck. All this film had to do is make me laugh, that's it. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are the two leading roles and they have both played in funny comedies before, so surely they can make this movie funny right? Wrong! Both Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel were terrible in this film. They had terrible chemistry with each other and neither one of them said anything funny or did anything funny. Sure, Cameron Diaz looks very attractive in this movie, which was great to see, but that's not enough to make up for this terrible movie. Even supporting cast members, like Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper and Rob Lowe couldn't even save this movie. Every single joke in this movie failed; there wasn't a single thing that I found funny in this movie. Jake Kasdan, who directed Bad Teacher, directed this film and he blew it. I think he's capable of directing good movies, but when it comes to comedy, I think he should stop making those. I can tell he's trying to appeal to the teenage demographic and who knows some teenagers might like this movie, I don't know why, but who knows. I didn't like this movie at all and I don't think anyone should blow their money on this shitty comedy.

JD's Favorite Movies

Gladiator Gladiator R
Pretty much one of my all time favorite movies. First thing it has Russell Crowe who is my favorite actor, next it has incredible action scenes and finally it has amazing acting performances and not just by Russell Crowe, but also Joaquin Phoenix and Djimon Hounsou.
Gone With the Wind Gone With the Wind G
Probably one of the all time greatest movies ever made! I can't think of a single thing that is wrong with this movie, Gone With The Wind is pretty much a perfect movie. Clark Gable is an amazing actor and his role in Gone With The Wind is just outstanding. So of course Gone With The Wind is a classic, but it's also classified is a masterpiece.

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