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Blazing Saddles Blazing Saddles R
My favorite Mel Brooks movie. The ultimate politically incorrect comedy- managing to insult probably everyone. Story is set in the late 1800s and centers on an incompetent Governor whose right -hand man (Hedley) is scheming to help the railroad industry. He makes devious plans to scare off the entire town of Rock Ridge, clearing the way for a new rail line being built. When the dumb governor hears about pleas for help from the simple townsfolk, Hedley talks him into sending a black sheriff to 'help' the town out. He expects the townspeople to kill him, therefore leaving them vulnerable, but instead is continually thwarted by the coolness and ingenuity of Bart and his new sidekick, Jim, the Waco KId. This movie was co-written by Richard Pryor, the Sheriff Bart character was meant for him. Unfortunately it was not to be, but Cleavon Little does a fabulous job as Bart. Gene Wilder is great as The Waco Kid. Madeline Kahn, Harvey Korman and Slim Pickens were hilarious! Mel Brooks and Dom DeLuise had humorous parts as well. Tons of one-liners, spoofs and hilarious quotes in this classic 70s comedy.

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