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Final Destination 3 Final Destination 3 R
I know what most people think its just going to be a remake of the first two but i would tell them Shut the F@#K Up Final Destination 3 is about to start.If you were a fan of the first two FD's you probably not like this one and there is a reason because there was something different in this one first it had a completely different plan (Deaths Plan) there where pictures involved and in my opinion it was the best out of all four films.Second it had two lead roles and i'll get back to them and the first two was one lead role. Third this at the time was a trilogy which in most horror movies,from the rules of horror movies in scream, a third installment Is suppose to revel an cause or some reason for whats happening,But, its just a normal series it passed as an great one too.So back to the actors yes there are some big actors Like Winstead and Merriman From at one point where on Disney(Wow i metchen Disney a lot well only some actors come out to start on the right track)well they both are now two of my favorite actors then BAM they throw in Alexz Johnson i have never seen her with that color hair it looks Amazingly good. The deaths they were very more unique and they take the time to kill everyone in there own special way the tanning bed scene was just very disturbing and that's something you rarely find in a horror now days.It had a lot of unexpected twist and stuff that will make you laugh and Hope to god that it isn't based on a real story.And one thing to look for on the rollercoster i noticed that each person died in a different way and how the take like 5 minutes on when the rollercoster gets busted, the things that lead up to the crash were just so much more interesting.Than the pictures just made me love this movie more.The one other thing is i love when Winstead is in a horror movie she has the best im mean best horror movie scream and so if you have any common sense you will go watch this movie cause you know that you have a bigger chance of dying getting the movie then watching it.

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