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Escape Plan Escape Plan R
Completely stupid, and not even in a fun way.
Safety Not Guaranteed Safety Not Guaranteed R
A film that lives up to its premise.

Marcus' Favorite Movies

The Shawshank Redemption The Shawshank Redemption R
The Greatest Film Ever Made. Ever.
Batman Batman PG-13
It may not be as "Batman" as Returns, and there may now be a few cracks in it as it starts to show its age. There's also a good chance my review is slightly biased because of how much I loved this film (and still do) upon first seeing it - especially after being underwhelmed by how easy Superman had it. Yet from Michael Keaton's perfectly downplayed Batman/Bruce Wayne, the fucking stunning production design (the car is still THE best Batmobile and manages to be sexier than Jessica Rabbit!), and of course Jack Nicholson giving an awesome performance as the king of all supervillains: joking while attempting mass-genocide, and trashing a museum while listening to Prince on his way to a date where he proudly proclaims himself to be "the worlds first fully-functioning homicidal artist", it's a masterpiece! Technically I should probably give this film only four stars as there is a lacking in the plot but fuck it, I adore this film and I'm giving it five and considering it the greatest super-hero movie ever made.

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