Kyler's Favorite Movies

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street R
Good: Funny, intricately detailed plot, spectacular acting, great setting and scenery. Bad: Nothing. A sickengly funny muder movie, adapted from Stephen Sondheim's musical, about a killer barber that despairs over his lost love. Johnny Depp sarcastically sings as he slices the throats of the citizens of London. The plot of the movie is spectacular, and the gruesome twist at the end is incredible. Tim Burton adds on to the old story to make Sweeney have a past filled with pain and a wanting for vengeance. Making the audience more attached to him. Johhny Depp fits the character very well, as does Helena Bonham, but congratulations are in order to the whole cast, who does a wonder job. I was never aware that Johhny could even sing! The relationship between Sweeney and Nellie is hilariously strange. Tim Burton does an amazing job of creating the setting of the movie. It is dark, dirty, and overcrowded just like London was at the time. This is one of the darkest movies I've ever seen, yet it still has times of humor in it. The "special ingrediant" in Nellie's meat pies is so disgusting you can't help but laugh in horror. There are more characters and plots in the film than just Sweeney and his vegeance. Although these are not as interesting as the main storyline, they still ass something to the movie. In the ending, no matter how evil Sweeney had become, you still can't help but fell pity for him.
Psycho Psycho R
Good: Great acting, filming, lighting, and plot. Many details that add to the movie. Bad: Nothing Marion Crane(Janet Leight) plays a woman that is given the chance to take $40,000 dollars and does it. She runs away with the money, but during her escape she runs into a motel that has some dark secrets. So far this is the best horror movie I have ever seen. It has classic moments that are still creepy, like the shower scene. The movie has an amazing plot. There are many large twists in the plotline that will leave the viewers shocked. The music is orchestrated perfectly with the action. The music can even tell you what the person is feeling. When Marion nervously sits in the car the music has a fast pace, showing that she is nervous. The screeching string oschestra makes the viewer cringe as they watch these gory murders take place. The acting for the movie is perfect. Anthony Perkins really plays Nathan Bates how he should be portrayed. He stutters nervously, and there is an undertone of insanity in him, but not so much you're sure if he is the killer or not. Janet Leigh(Marion) and Vera Miles(Crane) have the antique horror woman scream. There are the slightest details of the film that you don't realize until you watch the special features. Marion's bra is white and pure before she steals the money, but after it is black and dark. As in all Hitchcock movies there is a cameo of him in the very beginning when Marion walks into her work place, he is standing outside the window. Psycho was the first cinema release to have a toilet in the bathroom, which is also flushed. The lighting of the scenes works just as it should, using shadows on the face of the killer. The filming is amazing, following the characters and always moving with them. When one person falls down the stairs they even found a way to have the camera follow him down! Eventually all these details add up to make one of the best horror movies of all time.

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