Ken's Favorite Movies

The Wages of Fear The Wages of Fear Unrated
Many desperate men, out of money and stuck in a Central American town find themselves desperate to get out. Opportunity arises when a US company requires 4 men to drive nitroglycerin over treacherous roads to put out a fire. My pick for the most tense film ever made... truly gripping.
The Third Man The Third Man Unrated
A man named Holly Martins comes to post-war Vienna to meet up with his buddy Harry Lime. When he arrives he soon discovers his friend is dead. Initially accepting his demise, Martins is soon embroiled in a very complex mystery about his friend. Everything works here perfectly. A great cast. Unique, but memorable and fitting zither music. Reed working at his best. Incredible sets and photography. The script by Graham Greene is among the best ever written for a film - with a nice little speech written and delivered by Welles. Among the finest films ever made. Exceptional in every way.

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