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Only Lovers Left Alive Only Lovers Left Alive R
Jim Jarmusch mixes his own style of independent drama/comedy with an offbeat kind of rock and roll sensibility...with vampires and subtle horror. This movie could easily be described as hipster vampires...but I think that diminishes it. It is artsy, but it is a unique new spin on vampire tales for the modern age, and I liked it a good deal. I really like they way that the drinking of blood was treated almost like an addiction, and that these vampires seem to get a high as if they are shooting heroin, it was creative and evoked something real in this fantastic story. I really love Jarmusch, he is one of the few consistent filmmakers still working today, you can count on him to do something new, different, and creative with material that should be old hat by now.
Doc Of The Dead Doc Of The Dead Unrated
Decent documentary that brushes on Zombie movie history, and really focuses on the odd popularity of zombie culture, from the more cultish following they initially had to the slightly more mainstream popularity they seem to hold this day in age. Entertaining presentation and informative, with plenty of good interviews from people involved with the zombie genre and fans.

Kenny's Favorite Movies

Back to the Future Back to the Future PG
One of the best movies ever made. Its got adventure, comedy, great characters, drama, and science fiction all rolled into one great package. The whole cast is fantastic. The DeLorean Tim Machine is one of the greatest vehicles in cinema, right up there with the Tim Burton Batmobile and the Ghostbuster's Ecto-1. Everything in this film works, and it wonderfully ends with a race against the clock of the best climaxes in cinema. A fantastic film, and fun for the whole family.
Ghostbusters Ghostbusters PG
Do movies get much better than Ghostbusters? Could anyone disapprove of this movie? I doubt it. The movie has the laughs, it has the fantasy action adventure...its just loads of fun...who wouldn't enjoy this movie...or who would need my recommendation? All time classic that all should enjoy.

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