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Silent Running Silent Running G
I enjoyed "Silent Running", particularly the production design, special effects and Bruce Dern's performance...but it should be noted that the film's story lacks the depth to make it a really great sci-fi film. It is good, and it has plenty to offer, but it just doesn't entirely deliver plot wise, and the message is a little too straightforward and simple. Still, I'd happily watch this over the bulk of science fiction film released in today's action oriented market.
Soylent Green Soylent Green PG
In a dystopian future that is over populated and over polluted, the world is forced to rely on what little rations the government allows. Real food has become so rare only the rich can afford it, and the rations are soylent red, yellow, and the more appetizing but less available Soylent Green. Charlton Heston plays a cop investigating the murder of a rich guy involved with the soylent factories, which leads to his discovery of the shocking truth behind soylent's people! It's a great ending to a decent but not thoroughly entertaining 70s sci-fi film. It lacks pace and Heston's character isn't terribly likable, but there are some fine moments from Edward G. Robinson (in his final acting role) and Brock Peters, and the ending is a classic.

Kenny's Favorite Movies

Back to the Future Back to the Future PG
One of the best movies ever made. Its got adventure, comedy, great characters, drama, and science fiction all rolled into one great package. The whole cast is fantastic. The DeLorean Tim Machine is one of the greatest vehicles in cinema, right up there with the Tim Burton Batmobile and the Ghostbuster's Ecto-1. Everything in this film works, and it wonderfully ends with a race against the clock of the best climaxes in cinema. A fantastic film, and fun for the whole family.
Ghostbusters Ghostbusters PG
Do movies get much better than Ghostbusters? Could anyone disapprove of this movie? I doubt it. The movie has the laughs, it has the fantasy action adventure...its just loads of fun...who wouldn't enjoy this movie...or who would need my recommendation? All time classic that all should enjoy.

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