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Zoom Zoom PG
There was only one thing that made me laugh in this whole stinker and that was when Tim Allen was running fast and he tripped. That scene was actually funny, otherwise this movie stunk really bad. Courtney Cox and Chevy Chase tried way too hard and they came off as annoying. This has to be Tim Allen's worst performance. He is usually good for a couple of laughs but not this. The overall acting from the entire cast was bad.
Last Hour Last Hour Unrated
DMX, Paul Sorvino, David Carradine and Micheal Madsen must not be able to tell the difference anymore between doing a good movie and doing complete crap. The acting was so horrible and with this cast it shouldn't have been. But it was. The sound was awful. The story was atrocious. And common sense seemd to step out the door with this movie. Please, good Lord take me, so you can save others from this garbage.

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Evil Dead 2 Evil Dead 2 R
This film, is of the most original and imaginative comedy horror movies ever made. Bruce Campbell really carries this film.

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