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The To Do List The To Do List R
It was certainly silly and yet I wasn't the biggest fan of the writing. It read too much like a pamphlet and was very incredulous.
Lovelace Lovelace R
Oddly enough I'm not quite sure about this movie. I agree with critics that Seyfried's portrayal of a victimized woman is rather one dimensional and leaves little room to tell about her becoming stronger. It does a good job showing how behind the curtain, things were much different but thats about it. I really liked Sarsgaard's performance though. You spend the first half of the movie questioning all thats happening and then the second half shows you what was really happening. The end did feel a bit strange though. It was just suddenly things were working, thats probably why I'm not sold that much on this movie.

Kat's Favorite Movies

The Fifth Element The Fifth Element PG-13
I might as well be calling it my all time guilty pleasure that I've been in love with ever since elementary school (the truth)
Audition (‘dishon) Audition (‘dishon) R
you'll forget it's a horror film all up until the kicker, absolutely brilliant! Frickin Absolutely Brillant!!!

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