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Jesus Jesus Unrated
He was a poor carpenter who never traveled more than 50 miles from his home and died at the age of 33, but his teachings changed the world and he is still followed by hundreds of millions of people around the world, 2000 years after his death. Jesus, originally produced as a TV miniseries, offers a glimpse into the human side of the Messiah, as well as tell the story of his life and martyrdom. The home video release is expanded from the edition of transmission, with material that was cut for time.
Stealth Stealth PG-13
The latest innovation in hardware high-tech defense is replaced by a very dangerous mind of its own in this action thriller. Kara Wade, Henry Purcell, and Ben Gannon are three highly ranked U.S. Navy pilots who are part of a top-secret project involving the next generation of technology Stealth Fighter, the Talon Jet. Wade, Purcell, and Gannon are surprised when their commander, Captain George Cummings introduces them to the new member of your team - "Edi," an "extreme deep invader" developed as part of the "Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle" the program. Using the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, Edi is a flight controller based computers will assume the position of the right arm on the team's formation, and while the pilots initially refuse, Edi performs admirably in its first mission. However, after Edi is struck by lightning on a return trip, the computer's circuits and software begin to change in unexpected ways, and Edi not only begins to think for herself, she begins to violate direct orders. During a mission investigating the forces of a dangerous Chinese extremist, Edi starts an attack that could launch World War III, and it's up to Wade, Purcell, and Gannon to stop both Edi and its dangerous plan before it is too late.

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