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The Silver Chalice The Silver Chalice Unrated
Paul looks good in his toga but otherwise is absolutely dreadful in his screen bow. It shows the advantage of the studio contract system that this wasn't the end of his career. His two follow-ups studio assignments, Somebody Up There Likes Me and The Rack, did a great deal to restore his reputation and put him on the superstar track.
The Spectacular Now The Spectacular Now R
Why should the audience care about this jerk of a main character? Slow moving to the point of boredom with a thoroughly detestable person at its core. The only redeeming feature is a good change of pace performance by Kyle Chandler, playing yet another dirt bag. Skip it.

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The Trip The Trip R
A captivating small film dealing with the relationship of two gay men over many years and the surrounding upheaval of the gay movement. Many wonderful supporting performances contribute to the overall goodwill of the film. Sirena Irwin is a sketch as Beverly the trend jumping greek chorus and Jill St. John an absolute scene stealer as Alan's boozy wise mom. The musical score is also loaded with excellent choices which really set the right tone for each scene. It all boils down however to the chemistry and performances of the two lead actors which are strong and makes you really like and root for the characters through their journey.
Watch on the Rhine Watch on the Rhine Unrated
a cautionary tale about the insidiousness of evil and the danger of complacency

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