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Rosalie Rosalie Unrated
Some nice songs and lavish production numbers with Eleanor dancing like a dervish. Both Frank Morgan and Edna May Oliver are very amusing but that block of wood Nelson Eddy in the lead brings the whole thing to a grinding halt whenever he's on screen. Truly the man is so stiff you would think his head would break off if he turns it too fast!
The Sins Of Rachel Cade The Sins Of Rachel Cade Unrated
Soapy jungle set melodrama with a bit of a social conscience. Angie, who looks great, gives a good performance in the lead matched by Peter Finch as a military man who yearns for her. Mary Wickes has a small part that perks up the film whenever she appears which isn't nearly enough. Nice production values too.

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The Trip The Trip R
A captivating small film dealing with the relationship of two gay men over many years and the surrounding upheaval of the gay movement. Many wonderful supporting performances contribute to the overall goodwill of the film. Sirena Irwin is a sketch as Beverly the trend jumping greek chorus and Jill St. John an absolute scene stealer as Alan's boozy wise mom. The musical score is also loaded with excellent choices which really set the right tone for each scene. It all boils down however to the chemistry and performances of the two lead actors which are strong and makes you really like and root for the characters through their journey.
Watch on the Rhine Watch on the Rhine Unrated
a cautionary tale about the insidiousness of evil and the danger of complacency

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