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A Million Ways to Die in the West A Million Ways to Die in the West R
Yeah, Seth. Please stop making movies that, even when they seem like an homage or a throwback to references of when you and I were both growing up, seem to still fail in being inspirational, humorous or clever. When Gilbert Godfried is the funniest part of your movie, and he's only in it for about 30 seconds, you have a BIG problem.
Transformers: Age of Extinction Transformers: Age of Extinction PG-13
Conceptually the best in the series. In fact, in the first 40 minutes, it was probably mor actual story than any Michael Bay film. However, that notion was quickly discarded in favor of 2+ more hours of mostly - unnecessary action that inflated this film at least an hour beyond its usefulness. The effects are, as always in a Michael Bay film, extraordinary. However, the gratuitous use of bad language in what I see as a kids film (and if you don't agree, you weren't in the theater I was where more than half of the patrons were under 5. That's right...5) as well as the continued over use of teen sex appeal and the horrid dialogue these "actors" has to spout, ruined the film. The only saving grace is that it appeared to actually set up a sequel this time, one that led Prime into outer space. Maybe the next Transformers can be directed by someone who knows how to do a Sci Fi film and we won't need the silly retread human actors in it.

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When Harry Met Sally When Harry Met Sally R
I'm probably one of the sappiest guys I know. Maybe even abnormally so. It is probably because I grew up with primarily my mother. As a result, I fall for the romantic comedy. I would like to think I like the more intellectually stimulating ones, but most people would probably say I'm fooling myself. I can't stand Pretty Woman, or any other Julia Roberts romantic comedy. Nor can I tolerate pure fluff. Again, maybe I'm naive, but I tend to like the romantic movies that do a little more than the normal romantic fluff. When Harry Met Sally redefined (or defined, depending on to whom you talk) the romantic comedy. The dialogue, memorable quotes, flawless acting and directing, as well as the sparkling chemistry between two unlikely actors, When Harry Met Sally is a near-perfect story of two opposites who, over time, grow to realize just how compatible they really are. It's a hopeful friends-to-lovers progression that never seems forced. Rob Reiner adapts Nora Ephron's script and edits it to flawless execution. At no point does the connection seem unnatural. The audience is carried end-to-end and experiences the same maturity through Harry and Sally's relationship, recognizing the imperfections of each character and recognizing elements of each's life in their own lives. When Harry Met Sally set the standard and has been copied poorly by many wanna-bes, but it is the original and worth the time if you have never seen it.

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