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Argo Argo R
I was relatively disappointed, honestly. It was still good, don't get me wrong, but best picture quality? No way. Firstly, despite the color patina I wasn't immersed in the time period. I felt like I was watching hipsters pretend they were in the time period. The acting was not great outside of Goodman. Every plot device in the film was so blatantly transparent, so obvious and heavy handed, so much forced conflict and cheap thrills in every scene. The character development was super hackneyed. It felt like an Oliver Stone film. The daunting images of Iran offered nothing. As a screenwriter, there were also structure issues. No midpoint, for example. Too long of a denouement. Lots of things. However, the dialogue was good, and as far as acting goes, Goodman was excellent and Affleck was also excellent, though others clearly mailed it in. To me, this was a prestige film with nothing special about it. It relied wholly on concept and image.
Elysium Elysium R
This did not go in the direction I expected. Having watched District 9, I was expecting deep social commentary to pervade the story. However, it did not. The story was basically a dumb actioner. Elysium was barely featured. Jodie Foster has about 15 minutes of screen time. In the mold of the dumb action movie, it is fine, not spectacular. There is too much focus on a single combat. But the elevated milieu of the narrative does raise it above typical action fare. So on the whole, I still found the movie to be generally good. It was just that, when I saw the preview, my expectations were off the charts. It was one of those trailers that made you want to give up writing because you could never match the concept you just saw. Not so with this one, however.

Jason's Favorite Movies

The Godfather The Godfather R
every time i have ever put up one of my scripts for review, the reviewer has always cited the godfather for at least half of their examples. that tells you something, and i mean something besides "so that's the only script they study."
Raging Bull Raging Bull R
de niro's performance is one of the top ten of all time. incredibly deep examination of a disturbed man who finally gives up the fight while bluffing incredible endurance. magnificent direction and cinematography fill the movie with lasting, powerful moments.

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