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Psycho Psycho R
My all time favorite movie.....everything about it works from the black and white to the quiet undercover crazy killer. Anthony Perkins was the best pick for this movie, although all the rest of the Psycho movies sucked this one knocked it out the park. If more horror movies that they make today would go back to some of the basic of horror film making maybe we can get another good one like PSYCHO. Psycho Pictures, Images and Photos Bates Pictures, Images and Photos
The Notebook The Notebook PG-13
This movie was an absolute pleasure to watch. I hadn't seen a good love story in a long time, and there it was. The story from beginning to end was amazing, from how they met, the persistence of Noah( Ryan Gosling), and Ally (Rachel McAdams) acceptance of his love.......and even through the test of time, over many years there bond was too strong to break. The whole cast made up of fine actors that just added to this epic love story. The Notebook Pictures, Images and Photos the notebook Pictures, Images and Photos

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