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Brokeback Mountain Brokeback Mountain R
This is fantastic. Ang Lee's quiet, intense direction, two wonderful and subtle actors, a great script - why on earth this film did not win the Oscar is beyond my comprehension. A big minus was homophobic idiots in the audience, maybe IQ tests should be conducted before entering the theatre. If someone is too immature to deal with love in all its forms they should maybe not go to see this out of all movies... This film makes me glad about the time and place I live in, but some of the comments both in the theatre and on this community remind me that THIS struggle isn't yet over. Can I just add to my ancient review that this movie turmed me into a fan of Heath Ledger's work, which makes it even harder to watch now.
Pulp Fiction Pulp Fiction R
It's Pulp Fiction. What more can I say.

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