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Reality Bites Reality Bites PG-13
My all-time, absolute favorite. Love it still, well, possibly forever! A hilarious film about a group of friends (Troy, Lelaina, Vickie, and Sammie) that have graduated from college (with the exception of Troy who forgoes completing), and now all have embarked into the "real world" of finding jobs, dealing with the onset(s) of relationships, and realizing that their friendship is most significant with even a bit of sense of humor. Ben Stiller also stars in this movie as the 'love interest' of Lelaina. Filled with tons of laughter! Great movie brought forth by Ben Stiller, and remarkably written by Sharon Childress. Great cast- Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, Janeane Garofalo, and Steve Zahn. Phenomenal music! The soundtrack still rocks even after ten years. Definitely worthy. ------------------ Haters can hate, but those who dig nothing but humor will know what this is all about.
The Return of the Living Dead The Return of the Living Dead R
Great movie! Here is an interesting zombie flick brought forth by Dan O'Bannon. The beginning sequence of the movie is simply superb, and gotta love that bell chime and synthesizer that rolls with the opening credit. The overall story plot reflects a group of teens wanting to find a place to hang out and have some fun, so they choose a nearby graveyard while waiting for their friend to get off work. While their friend Freddy is dealing with his own problems at work, they start to notice that things are starting to happen in the graveyard with the 'dead' returning from their graves. The overall movie depicts the groups' efforts in staying alive, with a bit of humor to boot. The group of friends are an interesting sort, and it is topped off with Miguel A. Nunez Jr.'s character "Spider". Great zombie effects and characterization. Good music. Absolutely love The Cramp's 'Surfin Dead.' Definitely worthy! This is definitely the best of all the 'Living Dead' collection.

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