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Dear Flixster Community,

After seven fabulous years with you all, we are sorry to let you know that we're going to be retiring the Flixster Community site on September 30, 2014. Please note that you can still access your ratings, reviews, and quizzes on Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes using your same login. We have had so much fun building this community with you.

Thanks for all the memories,

Andy Cramer (HuskersNC949597)

Omaha, NE

Andy's Recent Reviews

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie Unrated
If you're a fan, you should watch it some time. I had some doubts, and there are some jokes that fall a little flat, a few things that don't make sense. I was not fond of the shots of people fake-laughing at AVGN reviews, as an example. A few things, like that, felt a little indulgent. But there are more good qualities, not the least of which is the evidence of effort put forth in to making something entertaining. It isn't the fact that James Rolfe worked super-hard on this movie, it's that you can actually tell. It pays off more often than not. And the cameos by Mike Matei, Kyle Justin, Lloyd Kaufman, Pat the NES Punk, et al, are enjoyable.
American Movie American Movie R
At times it is hard to shake the feeling that these people are being exploited. Like, all over the place. Uncle Bill is getting money taken from him by Mark that is not really going to the most worthwhile pursuit, all the while we the audience point and laugh at these not-quite-high functioning alcoholics. But you know what? They signed the waivers so screw 'em.

Andy's Favorite Movies

Airplane! Airplane! PG
My favorite film ever.

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