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UnHung Hero UnHung Hero Unrated
Moote may come off as narcissist in this film, which is probably why a broad scope of people found the film to be disgusting, insufferable, and shady. I empathized with the guy more than I demonized him, for the simple reason that public humiliation and emotional turmoil often make us insecure. Everyone is insecure in some way or another, and Moote lets us travel the world to see the insecurities of many men. He debunks myths, shows the importance of love versus lust, and eventually realizes that for himself. This is an important film for men with these kinds of fears, so they know the problems they may be forcing on themselves, but it's also a sweet journey of a man realizing size doesn't matter unless you make it matter. For that reason, I found this a very informational and entertaining watch.
A Little Bit Of Heaven A Little Bit Of Heaven PG-13
There is nothing even remotely heavenly about this romantic dramedy. Kate Hudson as Marley is a bland, often trivial character who's growth and emotional fortitude are always followed by pithy whining. Nothing truly dramatic is handled with any care, the bits trying to be charming are insufferable, the characters are weak, and the plot is beyond boring. For a film about a woman changing her ways of thinking about the world amidst a cancer diagnosis, there's no depth, no human empathy. It's just a silly little comedy trying to be bigger than it is and failing again and again. In the end what's the point of the entire film? Yes she reacts, she changes her love life, her relationships evolve, but because she's such a horribly written character no one cares. The film tries to make light of cancer without showing the real world repercussions of cancer treatment and slow decline into death, which loses any depth or reality.

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Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope PG
This is by far my favorite movie of all time. It's not because of a dramatic turn, Oscar nominated to death, or funny enough for a million spit takes. Sometimes a film can just be what reflects your life, and this one is a transcript of mine. There's action, classic dialouge, a hint of romance, and the ever money grubbing Han Solo, original and everlasting. It may just be because I originally saw this at age four and thought it was the coolest thing ever, but it has resided in my favs for almost fifteen years. I'd like to see another film try to do that.
It's a Wonderful Life It's a Wonderful Life PG
There's just so much love in this movie. Sure, it's Christmas themed, but if you truly want to know what family, respect, self worth, and time eternal means, this is the right choice. There's only so many nice things you can say about something before you're pouring out your heart and become wishy washy. I won't let that happen to this classic, but know that it's priceless.

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