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13 Sins 13 Sins R
An imaginative horror that should have provided more tension. Average movie to add to the genre but enjoyable.
The Book Thief The Book Thief PG-13
The narrative style that this movie takes isn't the worst part of this movie. Occasionally funny and sweet but not enough to save you from the boredom that ensues!

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True Grit True Grit PG-13
I find that once in a while a find a Coen Brothers movie that i actually enjoy and this is a very enjoyable movie indeed.
I very much enjoy westerns so this mixed with a great cast, humour and a child that is so blunt that i just can't help but love this movie.
However i did find that they put quite a bit into the storyline that when it came to it the story was kind of cut short for example on hunting for the man who killed 'Mattie Ross' father.
It is a very nice, compelling, funny and interesting western/drama about one young girls force to find and avenge the death of her 'innocent' father, in order to do that she enlists the help of strong and grumpy who takes no crap Marshall who is played by Jeff Bridges ho plays the art superbly, he is hilarious and you just fall in love with his chaacter.
A nicely written masterpiece that is extremly worth the watch!
The King's Speech The King's Speech PG-13
Great start to the new year. This is the first movie i have seen this new year and it is certainly one way to start the year. The king's speech is a masterpiece with fantastic acting that make watching this movie a real treat and dont really want the movie to end. Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth deliver superb performances, well worth an award for them both. Helena Bonham carter delivers a refreshing side and brilliant performance as supporting actress really. This movie is heartwarming but also heartbreaking where you can really feel for King Bertie (Firth) during some of firths scenes i really did just want to give him a big hug, Geoffrey Rush was fantastic as firths speech therapist and extremely funny at appropriate moments that make this serious drama much more dramatic and refreshing to watch. I would certainly recommend this to anyone that is just waiting to watch a movie that is heartwarming, intersting, funny and just plain brilliant!

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