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In the Mood for Love In the Mood for Love PG
The apex of WKW's career for me, In the Mood for Love is a perfect blend of voyeuristic camera angles, sublimely restrained sensuality and longing, divine music and heartbreaking forbidden romance. I am incredibly moved by the loving detail put into every scene, from Maggie Cheung's beautifully sad and lonely face, perfectly composed except in rare moments of emotional surrender, and Tony Leung's unconscious smirks and quiet desire. Doyle & Li's cinematography is breathtaking. This movie is all the more powerful for its simmering, subtle composition, without resorting to overt flashes of style; I cried with Mrs. Chan when Chow pretended to leave, and many other times during the movie. A story of a futile love, all the more remarkable in its ambiguity about the lead couple's actual consummation of their relationship, especially in view of today's wham-bam mentality. WKW is a virtuoso, and this is his masterpiece.
Memento Memento R
One of my favourite movies (tied with Amelie). Brilliant from start to finish, amazingly edited and directed, wonderful plot and great cast. I can't praise it enough!

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