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Sweet Movie Sweet Movie Unrated
''- Don't stay here. The boat is full of corpses.
- It doesn't matter. The whole world is full of corpses.''

And right after these words, we watch the stunning and shocking video footage of the discovery of the dead bodies at the Katyn forest - followed by a great ending scene after the most messed up part of the movie.
Seems that is not only war that turns humans into beasts. It's also something more powerful, deep in the soul of every human. And that is the strongest message Makavejev delivers through this weird movie. As for the last words before the ending video and scene I can only say ... how ironic and typical of our society.

During the rest part of the film Makavejev is shouting to the viewers (through many funny, strange and disturbing scenes) like an original hippie, that capitalism, Marxism, fascism, communism and all those theories and systems are only some 'huge mountains' that we need to tear down and live our lives free and with no boundaries.

Note that the music was created by the Greek composer Manos Xatzidakis. Words cannot describe his art. Just enjoy.

** As for the disturbing moments of the movie all I can say is this: Ok, some of the scenes were quite sick but it was a good movie overall. Also think, isn't disturbed the fact that almost everyone goes to the movies iin order to 'enjoy' lots of killing and sex ?

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For a Few Dollars More (Per Qualche Dollaro in Pił) For a Few Dollars More (Per Qualche Dollaro in Pił) R
''When the music ends, pick up your gun. Go ahead and shoot me Colonel. Just try''. For me that's the best movie of the trilogy with the 'Man with no name'. Maybe that's because it was the first movie to watch from them. But I believe that the sountrack was better, the story was also better and I liked the Eastwood - Lee Van Cleef alliance. A true masterpiece. You cannot miss it, especially if you are into Westerns.
A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange R
I was cured all right

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