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Rugrats in Paris - The Movie Rugrats in Paris - The Movie G
This is a good family movie where the Rugrats as well as their parents all go to the city of Paris France. This happens when the owner of Euro Reptar Coco La Bouche calls Stu Pickles down to fix their broken Reptar design. In this movie too, we see Chucky and Chas Finster wanting to have some new love in their life. Chas wants to be in love again and Chucky wants a new mom, so he and the rest of the Rugrats while in Paris will help Chucky look for a new mommy as they call it. While their Chas falls in love with Coco La Bouche who just wants to marry Chas so she can run the entire Reptar company. Chucky as you can imagine is not too thrilled with this, so what will happen with the Rugrats in Paris? This is a good family film filled with lots of fun and adventure for the whole family that will keep you entertained. I give this film a 7 out of 10. I do it because it is a good movie, but for some reason to me, it falls short of the TV show.
D3: The Mighty Ducks D3: The Mighty Ducks PG
This is a good movie in the final of the Mighty Ducks series. In this one we see The Mighty Ducks get excepted into Eden Hall Academy where they will have high school. The Mighty Ducks also find out that Gordon Bombay will no longer be their coach, which really hits Charlie hard most of all. When the Ducks get to the school, the new hockey team hates them badly, the school board is not in their favor and the new hockey coach Ted Orion is a achiever of excellence, which he uses to drive the Ducks hard. This leads the Ducks to hate the school and the hockey team for they start a whole bunch of pranks and wars with each other. The shinnanigans, play heavy on the Ducks, especially Charlie who in this movie goes through his own personal turmoil. Near the end they will face the schools current hockey team in a freshman, varsity showdown who will win. This movie has the fun and action like the first two and keeps up what everybody loves, plus with most of the original characters returning it is awesome. It's cool how the Ducks are older as well and go through there own problems. One of my biggest beefs with this movie though is how Charlie comes off like a whiner. Other than that though, I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

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