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Dear Flixster Community,

After seven fabulous years with you all, we are sorry to let you know that we're going to be retiring the Flixster Community site on September 30, 2014. Please note that you can still access your ratings, reviews, and quizzes on Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes using your same login. We have had so much fun building this community with you.

Thanks for all the memories,

EightThirty . (EightThirty)

Auckland, New Zealand

EightThirty's Favorite Movies

Samurai X - Trust & Betrayal (Rurôni Kenshin: Meiji kenkaku roman tan: Tsuioku hen) Samurai X - Trust & Betrayal (Rurôni Kenshin: Meiji kenkaku roman tan: Tsuioku hen) Unrated
14/09/2009 (DVD)

TRUST: "Trust" is the first part of this beautiful but brutal "Samurai X" double feature. Just catching the very few moments of the beginning of this film captured my interest and I just couldn't stop watching. A terrific intro to the "Samurai X" trilogy.

BETRAYAL: "Betrayal" unfolds nicely into a somewhat romantic story which lightly softens things up but interestingly intensifying the dramatic tone for a very deep impact in the end. Beautifully twisted.

A very enjoyable assassin flick that both sexes will enjoy. Romance for the ladies and swordplay for the boys.
Ginger Snaps Ginger Snaps R
13/07/2010 (ONLINE) My kind of "Chick Flick". This film is dreadfully good and the girls are absolutely what I like, they're dark, deliberate and deadly... indeed a dangerous combination. It's been a while since I've seen a decent "horror flick" and I'm still pretty buzzed out about this movie. I saw the sequel years back and I've always wanted to see where it all started and I'm glad I finally did. This is definitely one for them "Horror Heads" and indeed a treat!

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