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Southland Tales Southland Tales R
Loved it. One of my new faves. Don't know how this one slipped passed me when it was at theaters. If you saw this and liked it check out the +300 page graphic novel, also written by Richard Kelly. It covers chapters 1-3, and explains a lot for those who had trouble understanding what was going on. I didn't.The movie is chapters 4-6. I see this movie as a tribute to three of my favorite directors: David Lynch, Terry Gilliam, and Alex Cox.
Grindhouse Grindhouse R

Planet Terror is bloody as any movie I can recall and it is very funny too. I think it's the best I have seen from Robert Rodriguez so far, and I have seen everything he has done, with the exception of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. This film is up there with Sin City.

Deathproof starts off just a little slow and it's a bit dialogue heavy but I have come to expect that from Quentin Tarantino. Once it gets going though, there is no slowing down. Very funny also.

The fake trailers for non-existent movies were also entertaining. Maybe they will actually make films out of these someday. I would love to see "Machete". "Thanksgiving" looks thouroughly disgusting and worth watching if it was ever made into a real flick. "Don't" was just a funny trailer, and "Werewolf Women of the SS" would be fun to see too.

GRINDHOUSE was an instant classic. Great from beginning to end. I really feel I got my moneys worth.

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