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One Million Years B.C. One Million Years B.C. R
This movie was a remake of a 1920's silent movie. The whole movie is a fantasy where humans and dinosaurs living at the same time. There is no dialog, the actors just grunt at each other. Raquel Welch became famous after being in this movie due to the poster of her in a fur bikini. It started the fad of sexy actress posters that lasted until the 1980's. Ray Harryhausen did the stop motion animation of the dinosaurs. They also had iguanas film in close up to make them look 10 feet tall. All the cave women had perfect figures and clean hair with modern hairdos. The cavemen wore shoes too. When they made the silent film in the 1920's the public didn't know much about dinosaurs and didn't know that they didn't live at the same time as dinosaurs. By the 1960's everybody knew that dinosaurs lived millions of years before humans walked the earth. The movie would have flopped if it hadn't had Raquel Welch in it. Compared to Jurassic Park this movie's special effects are crude. It's not that much more advanced than King Kong. It was still the best they could do in the 1960's.
Coffy Coffy R
This was Pam Grier's first Black-splotation movie. These movies came out in the 1970's and were written, directed by a white guy but used as many under-employed black actors and actresses as they could. Most of them had worked only in television before. The stories were directed at black audiences. The really bad guys were all white and the good guys were all black. The essence of the movie is that Pam Grier plays a nurse whose sister overdoses on heroin. She finds the source and plays a junkie so she can get close to the supplier and kills the pusher and his supplier. Then she finds out from a cop friend that a new mob is moving in to supply the drugs. She then pretends to be a prostitute to get close to the new gangsters. This gives her a chance to show off her sexy body. She finds out her politician boyfriend is taking money from these gangsters. By the end of the movie she manages to kill everyone and wanders off down the beach. The movie blames the nation's drug problem on white gangsters and corrupt politicians. This is an over simplification of the drug problem; however, the Italian Mafia grew to power selling bootleg whisky in the 1920's. Corrupt politicians allowed this. When liquor was legalized and World War II ended the Mafia switched to selling heroin to blacks in the inner cities. By the 1960's the heroin epidemic was so bad that President Nixon launched the war on drugs. By the time this movie was made the Federal Government was making an all out push to cut off the importation of heroin. It's a total fantasy that a single woman could get close enough to drug gangsters to be able to kill them and get away with it. Even if she didn't get convicted of murder, the gangsters would have killed her before the law could catch her. As an excuse to see a naked Pam Grier the movie works. Other than that it's pretty lame.

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The Guns of Navarone The Guns of Navarone PG
This is the action adventure movie all others are compared against. The story is set in an exotic Greek island location during World War II. A small group of commandos on a desperate mission to destroy a set of German coastal guns that stand between the British Navy and thousands of outnumbered British soldiers trapped on a Greek Island near Turkey about to be captured by the Germans. The movie is set in the spring or early summer of 1941 after the British had suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Germans in Greece and Crete. It is a true fact that the British barely were able to evacuate their defeated troops to Egypt before they were taken prisoners. The rest of the story is fiction. There is no Island of Navarone and the Germans never installed any big guns in Greece. Unlike many war movies, the Germans speak German to each other, not English. The violence is quick and brutal. There is no waste of ammunition for the sake of typical Hollywood action. The bullets don't explode, they just poke holes in people killing them. The special effects were good in 1960 but today it's obviously done with models. The story explores the morality of war and the duty of a soldier. When the mission commander breaks his leg his second in command must choose whether to sacrifice the life of his friend or the success of his mission. Later when a traitor is found in their mist they must decide whether she should live or die. I first saw this movie on TV when I was a kid. I have a Laserdisc version that was made with a faded copy of the film. I later bought the DVD which has a crisp cleaned up picture and is in wide screen format with much better sound. Best quote, "Are you sure it will work?" "No guarantee but the theory is perfectly feasible."
Apocalypse Now Apocalypse Now R
This movie is long and intense. It starts out good with an excellent battle sequence at the VC village. However, as they move upriver the historical accuracy gets lost. I don't think the American servicemen were as undisciplined as depicted in this movie. I also doubt that the Southeast Asian people were as primitive as shown in the movie. But this story was about 19th century Africa and not Vietnam. The ending on the DVD is not what I remember from the movie theater. I first saw this movie at the Cowboy Mall in Stillwater, OK. It was a strip mall north of the OSU campus that was new at the time and was the first multi-screen theater in Stillwater. This movie came out about the same time as Star Wars and is as dark and depressing as Star Wars was fun and uplifting. Redeux is Longer version of a good movie This version is longer and just as intense. Added a little sex left out of the original. The discussion about the history of Vietnam is interresting and reminds the viewer that this is a Vietnam War movie and not an African adventure film. This movie is worth watching more to remind people what was going on in the late 70's than during the real war. Oh Yea, the music is excellent.

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