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Veronique's Favorite Movies

Born to Kill Born to Kill Unrated
a story enhanced by murder and deceit. and the best thing in this movie shall be claire trevor's performance as the ambitious, complicated seductress who is in eternal struggle between the crave of peace and security and the longing for strength, excitement and corruptness. naturally this ambivalence is anchored by her choices of men: the rich loyal fred and the shrewd ferocious sam(lawrence tierney). besides the warobe of miss trevor in this movie is dynamically femme fatale to delineate the iceberg women with the coldest surface and rottenest inside. one of the pleasure for the film noir aficinados is the savor of its dialogues of cynical wisecrackers which reflects the simmering irony of life. and this one shall have one of the best scripts. for example. "life is coffee, the aroma is always better than its actuality"....besides it's also the best chance to take a glance over the young lawrence tierney (one of the coolest original tough guys)whose youthful dashing looks matches his razor-sharp toughness.
The Killers The Killers Unrated
the best applauded movie adapted from hemingway's short story. (hemingway claims so.) also the crucial overnight success for burt lancaster and ava gardner. it was said that "the killers" is the film noir version of citizen kane, especially its posthumously introvert angle to tackle the lethalness of a woman who tunes the golden harps. (her weapon shall be love.) there're plot twists interwined together with the refreshing swift-paced move. lancaster gives a sympathetic portrait of a gangster romanticist who would sacrifice everything for the flaming passion. gardner's screen time is limited but impressive, a woman with the deadly charm which could take a man with one icy-cold glimpse. you can't help but captivated by her southern belle feline voice. there's also some otherworldly ethrealnss beneath her hell-cat sexy looks. perhaps most film noir pieces are demonstrating how un-worthy it is to devote your love to that she-devil. but it takes a real man or an original tough tough guy to embrace her in his bossom on the perils of becoming her tragic prey.

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