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Dear Flixster Community,

After seven fabulous years with you all, we are sorry to let you know that we're going to be retiring the Flixster Community site on September 30, 2014. Please note that you can still access your ratings, reviews, and quizzes on Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes using your same login. We have had so much fun building this community with you.

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Daniel's Recent Reviews

The Trip To Italy The Trip To Italy Unrated
i enjoyed the first one enough, it had some funny moments and amusing impressions by coogan and brydon, and nice shots of good food as well, and with the sequel, it's literally the same exact thing as the first film except in italy now, there's no real conflict, outside of a brief mention of rob having an affair, it's still enjoyable yes, but usually i like for sequels to at least try and do something new, instead of a clone of the first one, i think this may have run its course.
Cujo Cujo R
I'm a pretty big stephen king fan, yet id never seen this iconic film adaptation, it does take a while to get going, it's more than halfway over before the actual dog attack starts, before that it's just subpar domestic drama, but once it does get going it gets pretty intense at times and doesn't really let up, they made that dog look ugly as hell, i actually felt bad for it, tho i cant believe his owners took that long to realize something was wrong, also there were a couple times dee wallace couldve made a run for the bat or the house that bothered me, overall not that strong, but the dog attack scenes are worth it

Daniel's Favorite Movies

Requiem for a Dream Requiem for a Dream R
I was completely blown away when I first saw this. Darren's use of "offbeat" photography, as well as innovative editing, makes this one of the best crafted films I have ever seen. Also, clint mansell's score is one of the best I've ever heard, up with Psycho's. Last, but not least, the acting is top notch, all deserving of oscar noms, but burstyn deserved the oscar
The Third Man The Third Man Unrated
A triumph in every manner possible, above all in cinematography, all the angles are off in some way, creating a skewed world. The extensive location shooting and use of disproportion ed shadows enhance the effect. All the actors give great believable performances, Cotten, Valli, Howard and Welles in that memorable entrance. It's an intriguing story as well, that works as a mystery and poses a moral dilemma of whether to help the police or your friends. And last but definitely not least, the score, it's unlike any score I've ever heard or will ever hear. A great film

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