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The Man Who Fell to Earth The Man Who Fell to Earth R
Bowie playing an alien!! Cool in that originally creative way! This is a 70's science fiction movie of rare intregrity. It involves the treatment of an alien who comes to earth inorder to save his home planet. Earthlings soon discover him and treat him like a lab rat. It has a tragic if accepting finish acknowledging the limites of social sophistication and the general entropy of existance. Bowie plays an effecting role with only small resorting to sci fi stereotypes. My favourate scene is when his girl carries him up flights of stairs as his nose bleeds. For anyy bowie fans this film represents the fruition of images created in many of his songs.
The Groove Tube The Groove Tube R
Wacky, funny in that originally creative way!!! It includes many skits, including a few with Chevy Chase. It contains the satirical wit of the 70's which represents an age which had reached a mature level of self examination. It includes paradies on advertising and general human behaviour. The beginning scene with the prehistoric family coming apon a television set is a classic.

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