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Citizen Gangster Citizen Gangster Unrated
Brilliant movie. One of the best gangster movies I have watched.
The Adjustment Bureau The Adjustment Bureau PG-13
Really like this one. Different kind of Sci-Fi movie with a really good love story. They have done a great job with it. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are superb.

Cham's Favorite Movies

Alexander Alexander R
The Greatest movie I have watched. Nicely directed by Oliver Stone. There is a thing or two I too don't agree with like critics, like its gay scenes. And you can't put everything Alexander has done into a one movie!
Changeling Changeling R
If you are a movie fan you must watch this. Well not the most powerful acting performance by Angelina Jolie, not even close to Girl, Interrupted. But when you play true life character you can't be over-acting rather than be an ordinary lady sometimes. Well worth watching.

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