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The Grand Budapest Hotel The Grand Budapest Hotel R
Memorable cameos, witty dialogue, eye-catching pastel palette, and gorgeous sets and props, engrossing plot; yup, it's as glorious as any Wes Anderson films that we have come to love.
Short Term 12 Short Term 12 R
There was some momentum for this short-turned-feature film towards awards season last year but then it disappeared under the radar as bigger names obscured it. What a shame, for "Short Term 12" was this quiet engagement that I couldn't peel my eyes away from, and was thus left speechless when it ended. It had such raw emotions and powerful dialogue that I was knocked off my stool and brought to tears. Brie Larson, whom I'm only starting to realize has played varied roles such as in "Community" and "21 Jump Street," is brilliant as the youth worker who tries her best to reach out to troubled teens while dealing with her own dark history. Intimate and grounded, "Short Term 12" is definitely not a short-term film for me. It's a late addition to my favourite films of 2013 and it's staying there in the long-run.

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