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101 Dalmatians 101 Dalmatians G
Good classic. Plus the fact that they gave most of the puppies personalties, it was crazy. You will find yourself falling in love with these little guys and the movie.
Going Berserk Going Berserk R
This comedy did get some laughs out of me, but not enough for me to say it was an excellent film. The story was kind of weak. so you really need to rely on the humor to keep you going. But like I said, it was a little funny, but not funny enough. John Candy did a pretty good job. There is one scene where he is handcuffed to Ernie Hudson. Hudson was inside a room and made Candy stand outside the door. That was a really funny scene. You need to watch it to see what I am saying. There is actually a few really good scenes thanks to John Candy. Eugene Levy was decent, but not that funny. Joe Flaherty was Candy's partner in crime in the film. He did a decent job. So overall it was just an ok movie.

Paul's Favorite Movies

Caddyshack Caddyshack R
This movie always amazes me for its time. A great cast and a great and funny story. Very funny humor. The added gopher was a great touch to give the movie some more comedy. Bill Murray and Chevy Chase had problems with each other before this movie and they learned to work together for this film. Including the great improve scenes they did together. Rodney Dangerfield was also a nice added touch to the film and since it was rated R they allowed him to be a bit nastier. This movie has everything.
Airplane! Airplane! PG
This is a number one classic. The ruler of slapstick movies. You will catch yourself repeating lines from this movie for years. Comedy during this time was different than what you see now a days. And sometimes, it is even better. Great movie.

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