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Braveheart Braveheart R
Braveheart is a great and especially badass biopic on Scottish revolutionist William Wallace, directed by and played by Mel Gibson (who's hilarious to listen to his ranting phone calls after watching this). It definitely deserves its Best Picture win, although it's infamously historically inaccurate and it's nearly 3 hours long.
Braveheart follows William Wallace, who is fighting to gain Scottish independence from the British king Longshanks. He deals with many deaths in battle before his own death, where he is beheaded and tortured in front of a crowd.
Braveheart is a great biopic and film, although it's a bit long at some parts. It's still very interesting, and I highly suggest you see it. I haven't watched the other Gibson directed flicks yet. (Passion of the Christ will be quite a joyride when I get to that)
Non-Stop Non-Stop PG-13
Non-Stop is a fun and thrilling whodunit mystery flick mixed with the almost cliched badass Liam Neeson characters, although it was fun.
Non-Stop is almost completely filmed on a plane, where an anonymous texter keeps sending threatening texts to kickass air marshal Bill Marks that he will kill a passenger/employee on the plane every 20 minutes unless $150,000,000 is directly sent to him before then. The rest is a test of trusting people, and when you think somebody's bad, they either turn good and vice versa. It's thrilling, though.
Non-Stop was great. Some parts are a bit unbelievable and some are so dragged out and unneeded, but overall it's a fun murder mystery on a plane. (although I can't say I liked any of the characters or felt any sympathy)

Nick's Favorite Movies

Forrest Gump Forrest Gump PG-13
Possibly my favorite movie of all time. Forrest is a mentally-challenged man who has achieved many things in his life, like being in the Vietnam War, becoming a ping-pong star, and playing for Paul Brown on the Alabama University football time. But what he cares about the most is his close friend (and later wife), Jenny, and Lt. Dan, Forrest's strict and grouchy war commando who helps Forrest through life. I loved this movie because there was SO much good things in it. It was also very dramatic, and I almost cried when Jenny died and Forrest was talking to her at her grave. I consider Tom Hanks a genius for his role as Forrest and I definetely suggest this movie to anyone (except young kids, but it's PG-13 anyway).
Back to the Future Back to the Future PG
An interesting movie. One of my favorites, as well. The year is 1985. Marty McFly is Dr. Emmett Brown's helper and "Doc"'s newest invention is a time-travelling DeLorean. As Doc is about to get shot by gamblers, Marty tries to escape in the DeLorean and accidentally lands in his hometown in the year of 1955: 30 years ago. He tries to get his mother, Lorraine, and his father, George, to meet each other again so they can fall in love and marry again. But the only thing that stands in Marty's way is bully Biff Tannen (who, in 1985, is George's boss). A very, as I have said, interesting movie (and also a very funny one, too) that I am sure you will love as much as I do. You can also see how America was in the '50s, too.

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