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I don't know what you mean (booklover11)


I don't know's Favorite Movies

The Blues Brothers The Blues Brothers R
This may not be the most brilliant or most story driven movie, but watching this movie was one of the funnest things I ever did, up there with riding a 100 foot water slide, and watching Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video for the first time. I'm serious, I'm so glad I watched this. This is the movie "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Wold" done right. The characters are awesome, the jokes are amazingly hilarious, and the songs... let's just say they're some of my favorites. Now, let's explain the story. The former teacher of these two main characters make them earn $5000 to save an orphanage. According to the two main characters, it was a "Mission from God". That plot is simple, but the two main characters get into so much trouble, it'll make your head explode. They have police in cars chasing them, police on horses, police in boats, a country band, THE ARMY, NAZIS, etc. So yeah, they decide to get a band they were in back together so they can get a gig to earn money, but they got to watch out for the people that chase them. It's complete madness and keeps you on the edge of your seat, yet makes you laugh all the way through. It's that amazing. Also, the dialogue is hilarious, with some awesome comedic moments that don't involve huge and expensive car chases (Even though those are pretty amazing as well, and exploits The French Connection and It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World for what they really are: Boring). Now, the best part: THE SONGS. I already said they were great, but god they need a huge amount of mentioning. They're memorable, catchy, and enjoyable, really bringing out the potential of the Blues music genre. So, I can't just sit here talking about the good things, so here are a few flaws............................................ I really got nothing. If there were flaws, I didn't notice them cause I was to busy HAVING A GOOD TIME. Apparently 15% of the critics didn't have a good time and don't know entertainment when they see it. So that's about it. I'm dead serious, I can't talk about anything in huge details cause it's all so amazing. I didn't find any flaws, but I did find 2 hours of enjoyment in this film. I would recommend it to anyone... that's it, just anyone. Now I just wish Flixster had a Six Star option...
King Kong King Kong Unrated
This is an outstanding film, one of the best I've seen yet. Deserves all of it's praise. Full Review Coming Soon.

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