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One Week One Week Unrated
I've probably said this before, but when a person has the ability to make you truly enjoy something without saying a word- they've got something special. That's what Buster Keaton has- because throughout this whole film, I couldn't stop smiling, and I found myself actually laughing out loud and really enjoying this. And he never says a word! Magic. This one's really adorable and charming. See it!
Sherlock Jr. Sherlock Jr. Unrated
This film is fantastic! First of all, the special effects that were created in this film are absolutely incredible for the times! The dream sequence is amazing; I particularily enjoyed the part where he gets dropped in the middle of all the different locations- so innovative and unique! Secondly, Buster Keaton's stunts were all performed by him, as he is known for- and the stunts in this film are CRAZY! This film truly proves that Buster Keaton went the extra mile to make a film, and this is absolutely one of the most creative and ground-breaking films I have seen! Oh- by the way- it sure is funny, too! Love it!

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