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Zulu Zulu Unrated
I think this could be the best movie yet to be made in South Africa!!!

I love the fact that I could listen to afrikaans actors talking afrikaans and that I could understand all of it, and all the other people out there in other countries couldn't.

Mainly the only thing that disappointed me in this film is Orlando..where was the effort to even try to talk Afrikaans??? If Ryan Reynolds could do it then he could also do it..don't you think??? But Forest took the challenge and he spoke so much Zulu words that he had to have a medal for speaking them so perfectly.

There should be more movies like these...and finally all the efforts trying to attempt this..was a huge success, well done...yet not well done to Orlando as he could have done more to impress us.
Cuban Fury Cuban Fury R
Watching films like the present one is, under some respects, a rite: we know in advance what is awaiting us, we can easily imagine what will happen, how things will turn, how they will end. So when we start watching we wonder mainly one thing: will the story develop as we expect, will our expectations be happily confirmed or on the contrary will something unpleasant let us down? Which is exactly what doesn't have to happen.

Knowingly or not we are seeking for something that will sooth our anxiety, like a balm. This is the prerequisite. Then we check if the film is good, if it makes us laugh, if the story is original, if it surprises us, if the funny characters are actually funny... and so on.

Well according to me everything is OK in this nice movie, the story is good, the characters are catching and everything is as it had to be: funny and entertaining. A good British answer to American comedies.

Marischa's Favorite Movies

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra PG-13
action pack movie and great actors!!!!
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen PG-13
was an awsome movie! totaly loved the action!!!!

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