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The Monuments Men The Monuments Men PG-13
Before I start writing I'd like to advise you not to spend money on this movie. It was a disaster if you ask me. If you really like to know why I think that way, take 2 minutes of your time to read this and you'll know.

First I must say that I watched the trailer a few times and even then I knew it wasn't going to be something great, but I was hoping it would turn out to be a decent movie. So I started watching it. But what did I saw?

I saw extremely bad introduction and a chaotic scene order. I really didn't know what I was watching. The scenes were short and superficial. I thought I should give it some time so it gets better but no. It just got worse. There were many USELESS scenes, which I don't know why they were put into the movie. I don't even know if there was any introduction at all. The whole movie was made with the same tempo and in the same way. It was bad mixture of comedy adventure and drama.

The scenario was below average and the directing was awful. Even though there are actors like Clooney, Damon, Blanchett, Bill Murray etc, I wasn't impressed by the acting at all.

I must say that the whole point of the movie was a mistake. It was very unrealistic because most of the scenes were rubbish. I mean who would leave 1000 tons of gold and 16 thousand artistic pieces unguarded in an abandoned mine? How is it possible that there is no one on the streets of Bruge the night before the German withdrawal of the town? And there were many more scenes like this..

The story was very chaotic. The scenes were not connected one to each other at all. And what angered me the most was the end of the movie, when the anti Russian propaganda was shown.
Rio 2 Rio 2 G
More colorful, more character and more plot that leads it into a disastrous sequel. "Rio 2" is a flaw product that would never reach its predecessor's simplicity and adorable as entertainment. The movie seems doesn't have any clear purpose, too loud with added forgettable sing a long scenes and all humors had already been shown at trailer.

A zero to hero theme also doesn't work as Blu's character this time is pictured too ridiculous and sometimes annoying. Perhaps the only stuff that could be remembered from this movie was Nigel's weird love story. Overall "Rio 2" is disappointing and an unnecessary installment that shouldn't be continued. Some elements from this movie is for kids and feel so exhausting for adult audiences to follow.

Marischa's Favorite Movies

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra PG-13
action pack movie and great actors!!!!
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen PG-13
was an awsome movie! totaly loved the action!!!!

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