InÍs Marina (AshSuicide)

Kandyland, Portugal

InÍs' Favorite Movies

An Inconvenient Truth An Inconvenient Truth PG
This is an impressive and awsome documentary, based on the book written by Al Gore. It is highly polemic, entertaining, shocking... It is a great documentary to watch if you want to be aware of the global warming reality, and be shocked with its consequences in the near future.
Saw Saw R
Okay, so, about Saw there isn't much to say. It has a very original storyline, the soundtrack is just so-so, and it brings a few newborn talents into the cinema world. It might be a good bet for your Halloween night, although it isn't a movie which major priority are good scares. Saw is mostly made out of gore and blood, shocking images and torture by a master (and extremely disturbed) mind, who happens to never get caught. Overall, an horror movie filled with gore and action, and in my opinion, an awsome way to start a saga. Worth every single star i gave it.

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