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The Conspiracy The Conspiracy R
I'm not one to reject all movies that use the found footage style just because it's overused. I'm going to look at each based on its own merit, and this movie is pretty well-done. It takes a while to build, but, once it ramps up, it becomes very disturbing and offers some of the creepier film scenes I've seen in quite some time.
Gambit Gambit PG-13
Unfortunately the script is put in the hands of someone other than the usually very strong Coen brothers, although even that may not save the film. It's sporadically funny, and the cast is fine, but the movie meanders and it winds up trading intellectual humor for physical gags, clearly borrowing from movies like Pink Panther, which of course does a far better job at that. It winds mostly wasting the talent involved and is fairly forgettable.

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