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Philomena Philomena PG-13
A truly powerful, memorable and deeply moving movie. A true stroy that truly hits you, it has humor and heartbreak. One of the most beautifully character driven and emotionally involved films I have seen in a very longtime. One of 2013's most breathtaking and triumphant motion pictures. Director, Stephen Frears crafts a dynamic and compelling masterwork. It's sharp, very funny and very well characterized film. It delivers superb writing's and glorious acting from its two leads. Judi Dench gives one of her greatest performances, a brilliant and wonderful portrayal full of grace, heart and heroism. Steve Coogan is outstanding, he gives an impressive and strong performance. Coogan and Dench have excellent chemistry together. Coogan also helps pen this delightful script that does not hold back on any of the crueler themes and stays true to its roots. A sheer and beautiful piece of work that's honest, poignant and filled with heart. A truly remarkable, charming and tear-jerking comedic drama. This is certainly one of my new favorite films ever.
Grudge Match Grudge Match PG-13
A total blast at the movies that is almost impossible to resist. A real knockout of pure fun and heart. An instant classic. A must-see legendary match up between two great screen legends who totally command the screen together. Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone are at their best, they give great performances and shows that it does not matter how old you are but that you still have passion for what you do and these guys still got it and deliver in it perfectly. Stallone and De Niro just get better and better as the years go on. The rest of the cast is top-notch and great to watch. Kim Basinger is terrific. Kevin Hart is hilarious. Alan Arkin is excellent. Jon Bernthal is wonderful. A wonderfully entertaining and wickedly enjoyable movie filled with remarkable character development. outrageous humor and great in-the ring action. A hilarious, charming and heart-filled film that i truly loved. Movies don't get better than this, it has action, comedy, drama, a great soundtrack and just has a great feeling. The final showdown between Stallone and De Niro is simply awesome.

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Elite Squad: The Enemy Within Elite Squad: The Enemy Within Unrated
It`s The Wire meets The Departed. A masterpiece. An unforgettable and breathtaking action film, they dont get better than this. It`s a pure slam-bang knockout of an action movie. It packs an intense blow of story, characters, politics and realism into one explosive tour de force. A cripplingly dramatic and well-constructed flick. A stylish, heart-pounding, twist-filled and action-packed edge of your seat thriller that sets the screen ablaze. A powerful and electrifying movie. I loved this film. It`s angry, complex and very compelling all the way through. A real eye-opener that`s smart, fresh and utterly exhilarating. Wagner Moura gives an astonishing performance that deserves awards attention, he has never been better. A brilliant piece of work that stands with filmmakers like Coppola and Scorsese. It`s top-notch and truly superb. Bravo Director, Jose Padiha, this directors got talent and i hope to see more of his work in the future. An adrenaline-charged and tremendously entertaining thrill-ride that truly just rocks
Tropa de Elite (The Elite Squad) Tropa de Elite (The Elite Squad) R
An excellent and spectacularly entertaining movie. It`s truly terrific to watch and dose not get boring for a minute and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It packs a pure power-punch of intensity that knocks you flat out with its explosive action, strong performances and brutal honesty. Movies don't get more real or more powerful than this. A masterpiece. Director, Jose Padilha crafts an stylish, dark and gripping police drama like no other. A groundbreaking achievement that earns it`s right to be called a classic. A heart-pounding action-packed thrill-ride that's loaded with pulse-pounding drama and thunderous gun-battles that take you to the limit. A total adrenaline-rush from start to finish. A hard-boiled and exhilarating piece of work that deserves attention. It shows that grim reality of gang-related violence, inner city and police politics that the necessary evil they need to achieve their objectives. The cast is extraordinary. Wagner Moura gives a powerful and sensational performance. I loved this movie. It rocks and rocks profoundly.

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