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The LEGO Movie The LEGO Movie PG
Surprisingly good with a great twist although everyone likes it and I just say okay.. I wonder how people can somehow overrated a movie and for me 'The LEGO Movie' is definitely overrated.. I mean it's a nice movie with a fantastic effects of all the LEGO detail, but some slapstick humor that they have are definitely not my thing.. Even though a lot of people love it, I still don't regard this movie had such as high values..
Walk Of Shame Walk Of Shame R
Undoubtedly funny with a total performance from Elizabeth Banks, 'Walk of Shame' have all the potential to rise but too bad they pick the wrong release date by competing Spiderman.. Although I like it, I definitely agree that this is a 'good DVD watch' movie, not the one that you expect to see in theaters..

Sanjaya 's Favorite Movies

Keulraesik (The Classic) Keulraesik (The Classic) Unrated
Can't say how I love this movie... First thing, this movie has been recommended to me since I'm looking for a movie with Son Ye-jin inside... And after what I saw for about 2 hours long, it was amazing!! Son Ye-jin satisfied me with her performance as Ji-hae and her mother Jo-hee... Yet, the performance by Cho Seung-woo and Jo In-seong was nice... And the most important thing is the story, it is flowing slowly but not boring.. Yet the ending they gave is the best! I couldn't hope more than that.. And the soundtrack is amazing too, love it!!
The Devil Wears Prada The Devil Wears Prada PG-13
What a really entertaining movie!! Meryl Streep gives us her Oscar performance and Hathaway stills our 'princess charming'. It's a pleasure to see how they two can make this movie 'work'. And the fashion were great!!! I just really wondering if I can work in that place.... One of my favorite movie of all time, I just don't get bored even I watched it again and again and again...

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