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American Hustle American Hustle R
Not just a great movie, but Goodfellas and Casino great. That's how good this movie is.
300: Rise of an Empire 300: Rise of an Empire R
This movie has me torn, really torn. On the one hand, I loved it. It was a fun movie, definitely not for everyone, but fun. It did what it set out to do and it did it well. Way better for me than what the critical consensus thinks.
On the other hand, how the character of Artemisia was handled has really upset me and on several levels. Although I loved how Eva Green portrayed her, my problem is with how the character was written overall.
First of all, the real Artemisia was way more bad-ass and amazing than the movie character. Check out this analysis which is quite thorough.
Which brings me to my second point (warning, spoilers ahead!), two major plot points of the movie hinge on grossly twisting her actions from history:
1. She was one of the few of Xerxes´ commanders to counsel him, and rightly, against his engagement in the battle of Salamis, precisely because the Athenians held the advantage at sea and the Persians on land. The historian Herodotus goes into great detail about how this is so amazing and unusual, but in the movie strangely, the exact opposite happens.
2. The second though, to me is even worse. In the movie, after having been defeated tactically and in hand to hand combat, she dies at the hand of the hero. In real life, not only does she not die, but her escape is a masterpiece of deviousness and cunning.
It saddens me, as a father of 4 girls, that the creative team behind this movie took such an amazing historical figure and reduced her to a sexual caricature. I understand that the movie´s objective was not to make a historical drama, they´re purpose is solely entertainment and again, they succeeded in this. What really saddens me is that they botched up the much more entertaining version of the story; Herodotus´.

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