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Limitless Limitless PG-13
It begins with an interesting concept: what if there were a drug that gave you perfect recall and savant-like mental powers of every kind? What would you do with it? This film gives a shockingly amoral answer to this question. You'd take it, become the life of the party, cheat on your girlfriend, murder a slut or two, go work on Wall Street, then run for congress. There are some really remarkable visuals in the movie and some of the performances are good. But I was somewhat let down by the lack of any interesting answer to the premise's tantalizing question. Would a person of limitless intelligence really just use it all to go after power and pleasure?
After Earth After Earth PG-13
Many good ingredients were there but this movie failed in the execution. Will Smith's son Jaden should not act. He threw the whole movie off with his opening voiceover, a lispy chain of mispronunciations you'll be lucky to even understand. Things got worse from there. Will Smith's character is supposed to be fearless, but he comes across as emotionally dead. The film wants to make a statement about overcoming fear but it ultimately has nothing to say. You can see the climactic scene where Jaden takes a stand coming from miles away. There's some cool afro-centric sci fi set design in the movie, but that is the high point.

Andy's Favorite Movies

Rushmore Rushmore R
What an indelible character is Max Fischer. He's like a midlife crisis before he's even lost his virginity: all early promise that turns to nothing when the rubber meets the road. This film is wonderfully balanced and masterfully made. It's hilarious, inspiring, tragic by turns. It makes me laugh and cry and cheer and shake my head, sometimes all at once. The soundtrack is also amazing.
Dangerous Liaisons Dangerous Liaisons R
A beautiful film with a beautiful cast and a beautiful score. Humorous, sensual, sinister, passionate, tragic... It's also that rare case where the film is better than the book.

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