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Vertigo Vertigo PG
One of Hitchcock´s finest films. A man with achrophobia (fear of heights) has the mission to follow a mysterious woman and gradually becomes obsessed with her. The characters are likeable and intriguing, the soundtrack is amazing and some sequences are visually mesmerizing. There is a great build up and suspense through the whole movie. Throw in some detective investigation, an interesting love story and some twists and you got this fantastic movie.
Edge of Tomorrow Edge of Tomorrow PG-13
An excting blockbuster with charismatic leads and a great sense of adrenaline. We´ve seen the premise of repeating the same day over and over before, but it´s been handled right, as well as in different and cool ways that work nevertheless. This sci-fi action packed movie has a videogame feeling to it because you get a character fighting against a threat and restarting from a checkpoint everytime he dies, using what he learned to get better. And it is awesome on screen. Edge of Tomorrow is entertaining, thrilling and a fun blast.

Aquiles' Favorite Movies

Inception Inception PG-13
Excellent film. It's almost impossible for me to say bad things about it. I just love when you are at the edge of your seat during the whole movie. I also see that it's hard to fully understand the movie the first time you watch it, because Hollywood is used to make brainless explosion silly movies. But is that difference that makes it better. Anyways the acting, the script, the visuals, the twists, and the score played together perfectly to give us this masterpiece.

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