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Jason Voorhees (SweetyTerrorxXx)

Milky Way

Jason's Favorite Movies

Die Hard Die Hard R
Simply the BEST movie EVER! Thanks to so many elements, among which the best actor ever, the great Bruce Willis. This movie inspired so many movies since, like Speed, or Under Siege (and 2), Don't Die Too Hard... It gave a lot of codes to the genre. We can see a lot of references to it in so much movies. A lot of good fights. Especially the one against Karl, the blond guy. The fight with the chains where he's mad cause McClane killed his bro earlier is very good. So many times imitated. The shootings through the table or in the windows are very good ideas, changing of so many very classical gun fights seen before, making them be funnier. Originality is always good in movies. And as so many movies have been done till yet, it's a luxury now. Dialogues are very funny sometimes, and well written anyways. Some characters are very likeable (John McClane of course, but also the nice and funny Sgt Al Powell) and some others very unpleasant (Hans Gruber, Karl, but also the guy flirting with Holly McClane, Richard, who isn't 1 of the terrorist, but clearly a person we should avoid. He's as annoying as this also in Die Harder.) So, this makes a good sauce, some very good interactions between them. A very good idea also to have chosen this tower as main set. The sequels are good (even excellent for Die hard with a Vengeance) but under. For example cause missing a set like this. Some kind of closed door movie's set. The end is a very big climax. It's so good, pleasant, brilliant... Of course, perfection doesn't exist, but I don't see what could be changed to make this film be better, sincerely. No matter if some seconds aren't excellent, it can't in any way spoil anything, as there are more than 2 amazingly wonderful hours in this movie. Nominated for 4 Oscars, it's a shame that it didn't win any. Also that it didn't win any nominations for the main Oscars. Thanks everybody, neither Richard Gere, nor Don Johnson have had the role of John McClane. I can't imagine even in nightmares the movie with them instead of Bruce Willis. Otherways, even if I really like Richard Dean Anderson (mainly in McGyver's role), I can't imagine him neither in the role, so... I have this movie in video tape. A friend who had it in double gave me this that he recorded on TV, in 1993. Although it's far to be the most expansive, it's clearly the best gift ever made to me, or near. I saw a lot of thousands movies since, some really are masterpieces, but no one has the level of quality, of perfection in every detail, of creativity, inventivity of the 1st Die Hard. I sadly, don't have anymore video recorder (it's awful, considering the 400 videos I own, of which all my favs, but, it's not that expansive, so, I should buy a new one), so, I bought it a short time ago on DVD, but still didn't watch it. So, not since years, and writing this made me wanna watch it again so hard, so, I must do it now, so, I'm almost over. ;) Yeah, I know, I was a bit telling my life, and it doesn't interess anyone, but, anyways... If you haven't seen it, it's a wrong that you should quickly repair. If you haven't like it, it's even a crime that you should quickly confess.
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves PG-13
1 of my 10 Probably the movie I watched the most

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