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The Tell-Tale Heart The Tell-Tale Heart Unrated
A shy librarian named Edgar kills his best friend over a woman, and is driven mad by the sound of a beating heart coming from under the floorboards. The new sexual frustration plot devised here to draw Edgar Allan Poe's short story out to feature length really isn't very interesting or much in Poe's spirit.
Faust Faust Unrated
A medieval doctor who's bored with life sells his soul to a Moneylender in exchange for one night with a beautiful young woman. A fairly surreal and occasionally confusing version of Goethe's classic, Aleksandr Sokurov's adaptation is rewarding, but not intended for literary novices.

Greg's Favorite Movies

The Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz PG
Kicked off Hollywood's Golden Age in grand style.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The Good, the Bad and the Ugly R
Three desperadoes search for a fortune in Union gold while the Civil War rages around them. A nearly perfect Western, and with its who-will-blink-first machismo perhaps the perfect "guy" movie, but also an epic work of cinematic art.

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