dOnnIE dARko

A " Donnie Darko" Trivia Quiz

Think you have all the dirt on Doonie Darko,well take the quiz and lets find out,Good Luck!

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Title: dOnnIE dARko
Description: Think you have all the dirt on Doonie Darko,well take the quiz and lets find out,Good Luck!
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Author: SexiVixxEN
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  • What mental disorder is Donnie diagnosed with?
  • What year is this movie set in?
  • What is written on the fridge when Donnie returns home in the first sequence?
  • What did Grandma Death whisper to Donnie after Eddie almost hit her with his car?
  • After the Smurf talk, what do Donnie's friends say Grandma Death (Patience Cleveland) does every day?
  • Why can't Monnitoff continue the time-travel conversation with Donnie?
  • What movie do Donnie and Gretchen go to see?
  • What is written on the fridge at the Halloween party?
  • Where does Donnie drive Gretchen to in order to watch the portal opening?
  • What 'bad' thing does Donnie do at the bus stop?
  • Drew Barrymore, who plays Donnie's teacher, has the students reading a short story by Graham Green, what is the title of the story?
  • What advice does Kitty give Bethany (a Sparkle Motion member) about vomiting before they take the stage?
  • Who gets run over by Frank?
  • What object falls through the roof in the beginning and end of the movie?
  • What do Donnie and Gretchen dream up for their science project?
  • After Rose finds Donnie's drawing of Frank on his wall calendar, Donnie asks Rose, 'How's it feel to have a wacko for a son?'. How does she reply?
  • In what way had the school mascot been desecrated?
  • How many members are there in Sparkle Motion?
  • What are Donnie's parents surprised to hear about from Dr. Thurman (Katharine Ross)?
  • What are the two polar opposites on Jim Cunningham's life line?
  • As Donnie's parents are meeting with Dr. Thurman, Donnie takes his pills and has an encounter with Frank. What part of Frank starts to emit glowing light when Donnie stabs the field between them with a kitchen knife?
  • This movie does not contain music by Tears for Fears.
  • What kid's toy does Donnie pick up off of Monnitoff (Noah Wyle)'s desk and play with during their wormhole talk?
  • Under hypnosis, Donnie tells Dr. Thurman that his parents didn't get him what he wanted for Christmas. What did he want?
  • What happens between Rose and Gretchen in the last scene?
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